Thursday, January 20, 2011

War Racketeering


(Personal note: I have returned from the edge of death for the 3rd time, at least. I'm breathing much easier thanks to treatment for another bilateral pulmonary embolism. I get these so often I wonder if my employer thinks I'm faking it? You can't fake blood clots in your lungs. Happy Birthday, Tommy.)

The term “usury kills” is not some hypothetical “belief,” it is an observation – a fact. Usury is really any abuse of the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Understanding usury is the key to living as a free person in a fair society. Simply, usury is cheating in any form.

Chris Hedges, a remarkable writer, sums up nicely how wars are manipulated for profit.

The Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us about 50 years ago now dictates foreign policy. Even the president understands the wishes of the money power are for more money and more power. Whoever gets in their way is crushed. Kennedy. King. Gandhi for crying out loud.

I reckon 1933 rhymes with 2011 after all. Things appear eerily the same, but different. For now, it's better this time. You don't have to stand in line for soup, you just pay with electronic debit. The taxpayers are good for it.

The taxpayers are already “all in” at $667,000 a head. We're broke. That's two-thirds of a million over your lifetime and, of course, the lifetimes of all US citizens whether capable of earning money or not.

I have seven people living in a broken down house in Stockton and we owe a collective $4.67 million. Two here are so tiny they won't have any income at all for about twenty years! Imagine the interest on what we owe. Every baby born is consumed by debt at birth. Our nation enslaved to bankers by debt.

Between what you know you owe and all that government debt, there's hardly a drop left to live on. People live paycheck to paycheck while most of their income funds the very process that squeezes their lives dry.

We are left to shiver before our flickering televisions – an inexpensive diversion that substitutes for a full life. When will we catch some of that happiness we are said to pursue? Are we waiting for things to get better? Meanwhile, our leaders are certainly fixing things – in their favor.

What happens when a country can't pay its bills? Who bails US out?