Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If I Were Greece

People are not countries, of course, but you can understand my confusion after the US Supreme Court ruled corporations are people. Countries are incorporated, after all. It's all very confusing.

However, if I were Greece, if I could make all of the decisions for an entire country, I would do for Greece exactly what I would do for the United States, given the chance.

First of all, the current system is so corrupt that absolutely every contract is in question. Add that to the fact that every contract ever written is likely agreed upon under duress by one side of the contract. The other side usually has the power of law enforce whatever “contract” they write. The world is unfair.

So, basically, nothing the Greeks have agreed to thus far has been fair to them. That should be a given.

Next, of course, the bankers aren't really loaning the Greeks anything at all. They are printing the money out of thin air (over here at the Federal Reserve) and charging interest on smoke and mirrors. Nobody's savings is being tapped, no German has yet to miss a meal for a Greek. Not one meal, yet.

Eventually, the bankers will hit the Euro nations for the Greek dinner bill plus interest. Not that the Greeks will get to eat, much. A few months respite is all they can hope for until the bankers return with more demands for more interest.

The Greeks are already so “austere” people are starving. This “bailout” just means more cuts for the people while Greek banks fix their balance sheets. Same as here, folks.

A deal under usury is never fair. Usury is interest. Interest is cheating. Are you understanding, yet?

Look, there have been books written on using other people's money (credit) to leverage your ideas but they only work for some people (or countries.) Overall, most people have to “lose” leverage because bankers insist upon being paid exorbitant fees (interest) for their trivial services. They create money against your collateral and credit. Collecting payments is the hardest part, but that's outsourced.

The money only they may create is how bankers shape their world. They own the courts, the educational system, the entertainment industry and nearly all of the top corporations. The same people sit on the boards of multiple companies. Their families now rule over ours by the right of compound interest. Money just multiplies money for these people – but someone has to foot the bill and that's us.

Everything these criminals do is not only legal, but moral and honest according to their beliefs.

Greece should just press RESET. All deals reopened to negotiation, interest free. All interest outlawed. Of course, the Drachma would work as a good name for interest-free units of exchange.

Really, Greece should just close their borders and trade amongst themselves in sovereign money. They showed us democracy thousands of years ago, perhaps the Greeks still have something to teach us.