Monday, August 19, 2013


One of my three comments on this video.

How long will you REVOLVE, bankrupting the world via USURY and then pressing the RESET button so you can continue CHEATING one another until the credit runs out again?

I ask you to EVOLVE. Reject usury. End the vicious practice of artificially making money scarce in order to sell it as if it were a commodity. Look who owns the monopoly on money creation now, and how they have abused their god-like power.

Shall we destroy one corrupt world just to create another?

I'm calling BULLOCKS.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Things Needed ASAP

Time to uproot evil.

By my count there are three great problems in the world that are the primary sources of evil. What is evil? Well, it is certainly unfair. I would say evil is anything usurious – anything that seeks an unfair advantage. Any violation of an individual's rights is an evil trespass. Your individual rights end where my individual rights begin. Do not cross the line and all will be fine.

Unfortunately, individual rights are given the lowest priority by modern cultures. To the government you are just a number. Individuals, unless remarkable, are not remarkable. Any single person is statistically insignificant and even more insignificant if they have no money.

The first problem is the money itself, of course. I have written of this many, many times. Money must not be lent at interest. The best money would be a sovereign coin owned by the (sovereign) people themselves. The money to pay interest is never created, only the principal is loaned. Being forever short of money, the world scrambles to pay its bills – some people are consumed by their efforts.

The second obvious problem is that our legal system was designed by the same kind people who operate our economic system. There are two tiers to the rules – one for the chosen and another for the suckers. The rich legally steal endless wealth from the poor. A corrupt legal system makes this possible.

The current system regards anything as legal if not yet illegal. This allows enterprising criminals to get away with murder. To combat this, “lawmakers” make thousands and thousands of laws every year. You can't fill all the loopholes, folks. Their solution is always another law. Endless law.

Loopholes are not the worst of it, though. Ninety-nine percent of all laws in the United States are probably unconstitutional. Seriously, some draconian laws get passed. Laws, statutes and ordinances step all over everyone's rights in almost every case. Forget about Executive Orders.

Why not just go with one simple law that says the individual has rights that may not be violated? Any violation might be judged by our peers and the interloper punished in an appropriate manner. The vast majority of people know the difference between right and wrong. We don't need lawyers or mountains of legalese. Such tripe is the work of weasels working you to their advantage.

One beautiful side-effect of eliminating the various complicated laws is that the notion of incorporation would disappear as well. No more corporations. Corporations only exist to limit liability. Everyone should be liable for their own actions. Where does the right to limit liability come from? No more.

The third change we need to make is to learn to identify psychopathic people. These are the people that created the mess we are in today. Crazy people are running the place. The rest of us have allowed this because things have been like this for generations and we have been taught that this is just the way the world works. It is the way the world works, but the world could change if it would only think.

Think about the violence we see everywhere. Violence fueled by a lack of money or a need for more.

Short money buys a short fuse. Everyone suffers while the bankers watch debt accumulate. What has America gained from its national debt? What have we got left? Was selling our grandchildren worth it?