Friday, April 29, 2011

Daily Show Explains the Pyramid Economy

I tried to comment (as follows) on this clip, but had to register for the site and still await my email invitation...GS, of course, is Goldman-Sachs (AKA The Great Vampire Squid)

Are there really just four comments for this clip?

This is great stuff. Now, Jon, tell us who runs GS?

Like nearly everything else of consequence, GS is operated by the same folks. Teeny tiny percentage of people. They run the world, don't they, Jon?

The purpose of incorporation is to limit individual liability. GS is not real. No real person has been held liable for the widespread fraud that has led to our economic depression. Understandable, since private money as fiat is a fraud imposed upon America for nearly 100 years.

It is possible to profit from your labor (physical or mental) but it is impossible to profit from usury (including interest.) Eventually, mathematics will trump greed and when the world owes more than it can pay we wind up where we are right now.

Compounded interest compounds misery. Money is infinite but credit is not. We have the money to fix the world, but our controllers won't allow it. Changing to real money without interest would destroy their infinite wealth machine. They would have to work for a living.