Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello, Merka, how are you?

With apologies to Arlo Guthrie:

Greg Hunter interviews Michael Pento

Pento's prediction is that "real" interest rates (those we peons pay) will be dropping. Good news, if you aren't an "investor." Investing in usury is investing in death.

Here is my YouTube comment:

Objective future analysis by a certified usurer. Pento curiously thinks usury proper.

Yellen cannot raise rates because we have had a zombie economy since 2010.

All of her friends and relatives are (I believe) heavily invested in enterprises addicted to "free money." Cut off the free money and the world stops turning (for them.)

As for the serfs, let them pay the highest rates possible for what spills out of the trough. Let them fight over the bones like dogs. The system benefits the already rich.

Zero interest for the rich, zero empathy for the poor. Hello, Merka, how are you?

Allowing a private monopoly to create the public currency at interest is a mortal sin against the people. It is lawful genocide. The rich are literally killing off the poor. Do I even have to explain how they do it? There are so many ways the status quo benefits those who have money at the cost of those who do not have money. The evidence pervades.

How long can you tread water? With no job, the money runs out fast. Hope takes a little longer.

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  1. Now nearly Halloween and no rate hike, yet.
    Booga! Booga! Santa wants a piece of the action.