Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Everybody I know thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist. I helpfully explain that the conspiracy is out in the open, it's a conspiracy to rob you of as much money as they possibly can. Who? All of them.

So, who are they? You know who they are. If you don't know who they are then you aren't one of them.

These guys are really bad. They are capable of doing anything, just ask Wendell Berry. They take the tops right of off mountains. They bankrupt entire nations.

They have bought enough of the world to make sure the rest is owed to them.

Of course, they're robbing us blind. We step in more evidence of their corruption each day.

Yes, there is a conspiracy and it's about more than just your money. They want to control your lives. Do you wonder why there are so many laws when ten once seemed like a lot? The law is there to protect the investments of the moneyed class.

There are only two classes of society in America, the investment class and everybody else.

The ruling class designed the economic game we're all playing. They made the rules and they enforce them. They claim the people gave up sovereign money by Act of Congress, forgetting who afforded congress such a privilege. Don't bother asking the Supreme Court to overturn the law.

Moneychanging is an ancient swindle but these guys have perfected the art.


  1. "it's a conspiracy to rob you of as much money as they possibly can. Who? All of them."
    Jct: I call them the Pig People hogging life support resources while people die around them. When half of humanity lives on $1 a day, does Bill Gates really need 200 million years of life support all to himself. In Revelations, all Satan asks of Bill to to "hold onto what you have" so no one else can use it to escape their debts. Yes, the world is full of Pig People though they are in the great minority.

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