Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fed to buy $600 billion in bonds to aid economy

The safest investment extracts profit directly from taxes. These people don't know how to earn money, so they just legally steal it. They borrow money from "us" for virtually nothing and then trade that scrip for our obligation to pay them back at interest. What outrageous theft! Are we renting our own chains from our masters? They get the profit and we get the payments. What honest government would allow this? Our government should just counterfeit the money directly at lower cost if it wants to bolster inflation, or we could borrow money from ourselves since we're the ones always stuck paying it back, anyway. Imagine not paying interest, I wonder if you can.

You are a slave being milked dry by your "betters." They know what's good for you and will tell you so.

Imagine what 14 Trillion dollars would have built if we had an honest government. Imagine how many jobs fourteen trillion dollars would create. They have spent far more than $14T, I think.

But we can't even audit the Federal Reserve or Fort Knox so how will we ever know how much money has been promised for the banks. It's all promises, of course. No one has that much money.

If you would like to avoid the coming chaotic collapse, perhaps you can reason out Mathematically Perfected Economy(TM) while there is still time.

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