Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arguing Against Stability

Even if you have read and understood everything at www.perfecteconomy.com, you might think twice about handing out cheap credit to anyone with cash flow. Imagine the scams that people would come up with! Imagine a situation where bad loans are made... That would never happen now!

Even if all of the money loaned interest free was consumed in one giant orgy of unnatural spending – one big party for everybody – it would still better than what we have today. At least we won't owe interest on money someone else drank up. The bankers, drunk with power, gambled and lost trillions (to each other.) Theirs is truly a hard act to follow. Their debacle is so staggering it beggars belief.

Once interest is outlawed and MPE(tm) implemented, future budgets can be forecast with great accuracy. How much will a ton of steel cost in ten years? Under the Federal Reserve, who knows? You can safely bet it will cost more, perhaps double or more what it costs today. Wouldn't it be nice to know that inflation does not exist? Perhaps the price of steel will be double in ten years, but it would only be likely if there were a lot of steel projects underway. Under MPE(tm) you can expect massive fair market activity so market shortages are bound to occur until society ramps up production to meet massive demand. Once there is no shortage of money, there will be no shortage of jobs (that pay.)

A perfect economy is only the beginning of the benefits of usury free living. With full employment (there will be more jobs than workers,) poverty will eventually disappear from America. There will be no renters since everyone will be able to afford a home.

By printing and distributing our own debt money without interest, the US will shake off the monetary yoke that now guides our foreign policy. Our county will be able to act in the best interests of its citizens instead of following the banker's playbook.

Realizing they no longer must kowtow to money, perhaps even the politicians will become less corrupt.

Not everything will be fixed by eliminating interest, and some things will take time to work out. On the whole, MPE(tm) would be a great improvement over the present situation.

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