Sunday, July 18, 2010


Did anybody else notice that when the banks went broke, the
bankers didn't? The guys that ran the banks were all rich. Only
their banks were broke. Poor little broken banks.

If the banks fail, the whole system fails. There would be
chaos, madness, blood in the streets! Cable bills would go
unpaid -- the internet would stop working! Now I've got you.

So we paid trillions of dollars to avoid martial law by bailing
out the banks. It was worth it.

We saved jobs. Banking jobs. High paying jobs.

What's a banker's job, anyway? Making money? Is that too
general? We all make money, right? Banks don't make money, they
print it. They print it up, loan it out and get rich off of all
that interest. They can do that. How do you go broke doing
that? I mean, it's counterfeiting if you try it folks.

It's worse than counterfeiting. They're printing money and
charging interest, too. And if you can't pay them back, they
take your fucking house. No shit. Nice work if you can get it.

Everybody complains about bankers but no one ever becomes one
by accident. An education in economics is recommended, at least
for appearances. The biggest bankers are groomed for the job as
children -- if they don't pan out, they can always enter

Anyway, just so you know, the bailout wasn't big enough. The
bankers seriously misunderestimated how much they actually owe
each another. Things are worse than ever but another trillion
or two should keep the chaos down to a small roar.

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