Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I think we need to outlaw the taking of interest before we can even hope for economic recovery. Barring that simple step, world-wide bankruptcy is a mathematical certainty. The future looks to me to be a painful reset followed by further boom and bust cycles due to our own greed.

When a loan is created out of thin air, the money does not exist until the ink dries on a loan contract. Such money has not been earned by anyone, yet. It cannot exist until the borrower proves it can be repaid. Money, therefore, is created by debt authorized by credit that will be made good through work.

You might say, “Money is sweat.” I think bankers should be damned glad other people do all the real work for their pay! Bankers live on the sweat of those not born into wealth.

Unearned taking is usury. Usury is cheating. Nobody likes a cheater.

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