Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Is Usury?

Most dictionaries define usury as the charging of exorbitant interest rates. A second definition, deemed archaic, is the charging of any interest rate. I think there should be a new definition: usury is cheating.

Usury isn't just about money – it is any unearned taking. Usury is unfairness.

Nobody likes to be cheated, but we all are cheated every day and write off the experience as just the way the world works. Life is unfair. You can't fight city hall. Buyer beware. Tough cookies.

Why is there fine print in a contract? What about those quick disclaimers and voice unders?

If the United States projects military power to protect “our way of life,” is that usury? Don't ask me, ask the people of the countries we occupy.

Usury is any unfair dealing. If you think that contract you just signed was more favorable to the other party, then you just got “used.” Did you enjoy being used? Is usury the American way? Should we really be proud of this?

The average person is nearly used up. Governments and big corporations are expert at unearned taking.

Yes, usury is cheating – it is violation of the Golden Rule.

At its mildest, usury is an affront to civilization. At its worst, usury kills.

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