Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Letter to WhatReallyHappened.com

Everybody owes everyone everything. World-wide debt is destroying all we know.
I believe there is an answer, but it means thinking outside the box. We have to realize that money is not what we have been taught money is. Money isn't something "they" have and "we" must borrow. Money isn't even "debt" as so many have finally "learned."
Money, really, is the manifestation of credit. Think...
All we hear, is there isn't enough money. There's no money for anything EXCEPT interest payments.
Go to www.perfecteconomy.com and start reading. Money is infinite, as long as there is credit. As long as the circulation is equal to remaining debt, everything is in balance with no inflation or deflation.
Mike Montagne's concept of Mathematically Perfected Economy(tm) will solve 90% of the world's economic problems, I believe. Unfortunately, it has been ignored for over 30 years despite the fact that Mike has sent a package explaining it to every single President from Reagan (and most candidates.)
The argument against the idea is mostly rooted in the fact that people have been taught that interest on investment is the way to "business."
Money is like a ruler or a scale, it measures wealth but holds no wealth itself except by fiat. Paper money is no more intrinsically valuable than seashells or notches on a stick.
MPE(tm) is the only proven solution to inflation. Our most basic problem is simply cheating. The key to MPE(tm) is the elimination of interest. Interest is usury. Usury is defined as excessive interest, today, but was archaically defined as ANY interest. Honestly, usury is any unearned taking or CHEATING.
The last guy that asked we stop cheating was reportedly crucified. Big future for me, eh?
I am not a Muslim. I am not a Christian. I am not a tree-hugging, liberal communist. I am just sick of being used.
I, for one, will trade 1% interest on savings to eliminate 30% interest on credit cards (and buying two houses to live in one.)
Please study Mike's site and give it your best evaluation. There are several groups encouraging we end the FED, but most only compromise on interest rates while missing the point that the people's credit belongs to the people themselves. Why have someone rent us what we already own?

End the Coup of 1913...
Peace and Prosperity,
Steven G. Berry
olrailbird (watching the races from the rail.)

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